Childhood. What a beautiful and unusual time! Full of discoveries and emotions, and the memory of it remains forever. We founded the Sisters Company in order to create for your child the perfect doll that will delight him at first sight, develop the best qualities and habits in them, interesting and safe to play and will remain a favorite "childhood friend" for many years, keeping happy memories about wonderful and carefree times in adulthood.
In many modern toy manufacturers, we have chosen Paola Reina factory as the most suitable for our strict requirements for the manufacture of dolls. To bring to perfection and present you a toy of high quality in every detail. Our team of professionals has done a lot of work. We have worked all the looks, selected the best materials from all over the world, produces clothes, shoes, accessories and packaging. With the efforts of artists, craftsmen and psychologists, our dolls contribute to the creation of the child's correct perception of themself and the world around them, the education of aesthetic taste, the formation of character and love to the neighbor.
Sisters dolls are a unique gift that shows your child your love, tenderness and care, preserving the best childhood experience for a lifetime.
Join the large and friendly family of the Sisters Family of unique dolls!

Sisters dolls are made from high quality vinyl without harmful compounds in accordance with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council. Their safety has been confirmed by the Scientific Center for Children's Health of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
All our dolls have a pleasant vanilla aroma and are delivered in a great gift boxes.


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