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I never stop admiring your dolls and outfits) thank you very much !!!



Very beautiful doll, it is clear that it is very high quality. Beautiful hair, eyes, eyelashes - I bought a doll for my daughter, and so the doll turned out to be like her. My daughter is very happy. Everything was completed very quickly and delivered on time.

Sofia Eliseeva


Good day! I, of course, knew that these were amazing dolls, but so much❤️❤️❤️Thank you very much !!! She is just extraordinary, this doll❤️



How cute they are, my girls !!! I am so grateful ❤️❤️❤️Thank you very much for this joy! I have an insanely adorable collection with your help! ❤️


From the Company of Unique Dolls, the Sisters Family purchased 2 Cleo dolls for their adult collection. Dolls of incredible beauty! Very happy with the purchase !!! It is pleasant and joyful that in the process of discussing and creating doll outfits with Catherine they were on the same creative wavelength. The result exceeded all my expectations! Delight and admiration for the skill and accuracy with which the wonderful costumes of my girls were sewn! The dolls arrived home in gift boxes with a corporate print and logo, even the wrapping paper was matched to the baby's clothes! P.S. Will definitely be back soon for shopping!

Natalia B.


Good day! A doll came, I'm just delighted! She would have played herself. And how she smells! Many thanks



Hello! Thank you very much! Ah ah ah! What's the beautiful!!!!! Just love! Thank you 1000 times! You have amazing packaging! Dolls and costumes are just 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you and your team very much !!! Thanks for your sensitivity ❤️❤️❤️



Polina has arrived :) have already seen - she is beautiful !!!) we are waiting for Sunday to give our daughter!)

Lidia F.


Thank you so much! baby is happy!

Natalia B.


Hello. Doll is finally arrived and girls love it. Its beautiful really! Thank you for all and for great communication. I will show the doll to my friends and hope you will have a more orders from here. All the best to you and yours and best luck in your business in future.



Doll is with us! U might seen it already on instagram. My daughter is so into it! She loves it and she plays all the time with her. I just told to my husband that the doll will not survive with her 👀. And I adore this doll. Thank you so much! Regards from us! I will definitely recommend you to my friends! All the best in your further amazing creations! 🌸

Milena S.


Good evening ! Finally, the doll is warm and the team of her sisters !!! I am happy as a child and the hamster inside me is satisfied, thank you very much! A separate huge plus in the package! Everything is so cute and perfect 😍☺️🌸🌸🌸☺️ see you soon 😘😘😘😘



Good day! Today I saw the doll live and it's a delight! Thank you very much for such beauty !!



Hello!!!... sooo... I received my parcel!!! Sooo happy 😍 ... I feel like a child 😂 ... all is super beautiful! And those hats and shoes are just gorgeous! And thank you for pink shoes 😍 ...Closer to summer I’ll come back to you with some other orders!! Thank you once again 😘😘😘

Katarzyna S.


Beautiful doll😍 Thank you very much🙏🏻

Daria S.


Good day! We received the doll, it is beautiful !!! Very beautiful!! Thank you very much!!!)

Anna S.


The doll has arrived. She is beautiful 😍🙈💫 Thank you 💕

Jovana I.


Good evening! :) We got lovely dolls! 😊Thank you very much! 💐 Stunning, very beautiful !! ❤️ so far only I admired them)) and on New Year's Eve they will be waiting for their daughters under the tree 🎄🎁😊

Evgeniya A.


Thank you, I got the order) dolls in life are even cooler than in the photo!)) Thank you !! How to wait for the new year now)

Julia Shaverina


Hello. I received the doll. Very beautiful. Thank you

Lera Li


Hello! Hope you are doing well! I have received a parcel 😁... and I am in love with that doll 😍😍😍 She’s amazingly beautiful, not to mention the quality of her little clothes which are better than Dior actually 😂👍.. thank you very much!


Ahhh and those boxes for clothes which are hand painted are sooo adorable! Like a real piece of art 😍


Katarzyna S.


A beauty has arrived, thank you very much! She's just unreal! So beautiful! What do I want to play!




Thank you for the delivery and for the doll !!! She is gorgeous) the hostess will definitely like it ❤️

A. Malakhova 


Good day! The parcel was taken away. It is impossible to describe the delight! The boxes are a work of art. We recognized all our little things on the boxes. Everyone noticed and appreciated. Things are beyond praise! Beauty! Manika and I are happy. It's a bit dark at home in the evening for filming. But later we will try to make the photo better.

Thank you very much!

Anastasia L.


Thank you so much. To be honest, I am delighted with your operational work!



Her birthday is only at the end of the month, so this review is only from adults)
The quality of body and hair is top class❤️
Clothes, shoes, and these eyelashes ... in general, I am absolutely delighted. I think my daughter will appreciate, even though she is still a little, but this vanilla aroma unobtrusive and very pleasant.
I think this is not our last purchase.
True, thank you very much.



Thank you. The feedback is very pleasant. We will also buy the second doll from you!

Artemieva Anastasia


Birthday is only at the end of the month, so the review is only from adults so far)
The quality of body and hair is top class❤️
Clothes, shoes, and these eyelashes ... in general, I am absolutely delighted. I think my daughter will appreciate, even though she is still small, but this vanilla scent. Unobtrusive and very pleasant.
I think this is not your last purchase.
True, thank you very much.

Daria I.


Finally we were able to get to the post office and pick up the doll ? she's just amazing !!! I don't even know if I can wait for Taisa's birthday and not give her a doll now)))




Thank you very much for the dolls) they are beautiful) I did not completely unpack them yet - but we will open them for my birthday on Thursday)

Erica Z.


Thank you very much! I got the dress! Girls, what a beautiful packaging you have! It's great that you pay so much attention to this! ❤️

Sofi M


Good afternoon ❤️ We just received your wonderful postcards. Thank you for your lovely ideas and your kindness. We will definitely come back to you for new dolls. And we will give the postcards to relatives and keep them as a keepsake. Love you! Your team is super. You come up with so many interesting things, so many ideas with dolls, awesome outfits. I hope you will always prosper ✊

Valentina D.


Good afternoon, everyone got a lot of excitement!!!


Victoria D.


I took the parcel today, the doll is wonderful, thank you)



Hello! I got a doll, it's gorgeous! Thanks)



Very beautiful doll .. no words)) My son now demands the same



The first thing that impressed me was the speed of delivery! the doll was in our hands three days after placing the order! I didn't even expect it. The doll is, of course, irresistible! The seller is very polite and efficient) everything is super!

Natalia Sidorova


She's perfect! Thanks you



Today bought your incredible doll for my daughter for the New Year.

Thank you for creating this miracle !!! Incredibly beautiful, looks so real and, of course, I notice the tasty aroma!



Good afternoon) We received a doll, we will give it to the our baby on the 24th) The doll is amazing !!! The perfect doll, the best that can be! Thick beautiful hair, magical eyes, a very beautiful sweater, boots - what a delight! Smell is very good! Thank you very much! We will make pigtails for it and play ❤️ I am sure that the baby will be happy)

Valentina D.


Thank you for my beauty



Hello again) I got a doll! She is our second, and again very delightful! and this miniature clothes are beautiful thanks a lot!



Good morning! Manika has arrived! She is better in life than in the photo! I am delighted! Thank you so much! I will send you pictures soon❤️


I'm just happy. She is sitting on the table, watching me working!!! It's a childhood dream! ️ Thank you.

Nastya L


Oh! This is the best you can imagine! It turned out wonderful !!!!!

Anna B.


Thank you very much for the doll) I bought it a time ago, we still play with the doll and it still smells good! Wonderful.



Thank you so much! The doll is beautiful!

Anastasia Samarkina


Thanks!! I ran to the store !! Your dolls are artwork !!! ❤️


Good afternoon!! We got the doll !!! She is incredibly beautiful !! I hope my daughter will like it !!

Anastasia Maslova


Thank you, I barely gave it away, everyone liked it, the dress is super!

Elena G.


Incredibly beautiful doll, smells very tasty, beautiful packaging! Thanks!



Gorgeous !!!! And how it smells !!!! Now I want the same for myself))))

Irina G.


Yesterday I took the doll)) She is excellent))) We decided that this was not for New Year Eve memories only) Give the daughter remember the doll for life as a gift from her beloved parents for her birthday)) January 12)) And some other gift will go under the Christmas tree as well )) We strongly believe that this wonderful doll will be the most beloved toy)) And my daughter keep it for her future daughter)) as a memory



Oh, I can’t, really goosebumps from dolls :))) sooooo beautiful !!!



Received delivery, thank you so much! Everything is fine! Thank you for such customer focus!))



Thank you girls for such cute dolls! Beautiful gift box with polka dots, inside a postcard, a real gift)



Good afternoon! I just got my doll: it's amazing! Thanks!

Julia Matveeva